Random Word Generators for Writing Prompts


I’ve been working on expanding ideas for my new series of stories. The main idea for book 1 is pretty much complete, but I wanted to know where we could go with it after the first part.

So, I brainstormed up several premises in John Truby’s BlockBuster software. Then I jumped over to StoryWeaver to play around with the ideas. I like asking ‘What If…’ questions and doing random word generated free writings.

If you’re like me, you may realize that your brain tends to come up with the same ‘random’ words when you get to a random word generator exercise. I decided it would be good to get some help from some random word generators online.  I found a few and tested them out.

Random Word Exercise Generates 8 Words

‘Take Three Nouns’ Writing Prompt 

Short Story Ideas to Inspire You

Grab Bag Writing Prompts 

Creative Random Words (Up To 8)

Then when I went back to write my original premise paragraph, several new ideas popped up from the exercise. I loved the ideas generated from this creative writing exercise.

So, I’m some of the random word generators for creative writing prompts that I found to share with you, and also for my own future reference.



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