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The Owls of Northworld [ESL Mini-Story]

The Owls Of Northworld [Kindle Cover] There was a man. His name was Frodi. He was a Viking chief. One night, he found 4 of his friends dead in the forest. He thought the elf witch had killed them. He looked for her. He found her. But she was dying. She told him that the Snow Mage was back.

The Snow Mage wanted to transform the people into snow zombies. He wanted to create a great army of snow zombies. He kidnapped Frodi’s son and took him to a cave. His son’s name was Stryker. Stryker was only 7 years old.

Frodi was very upset. His wife was very upset. He followed the tracks to the cave. He found with the Snow Mage preparing to transform his son. Frodi was very upset. He attacked the Snow Mage. Frodi had to fight very hard. He killed the Snow Mage and took Stryker home.

Frodi and his wife were very happy because Stryker was home. However, Stryker started turning white. The people of the village wanted to kill Stryker before he transformed into a snow zombie. Stryker went back to the cave with his friend Jornen. They wanted to burn everything in the cave.

Four snow owls attacked Frodi. Frodi fought very hard. He almost died. He could not kill the snow owls. So, he opened a time portal and sent the owls into the future. He finished burning everything in the cave. When he arrived home, Stryker was healed.

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