Manuel Alonzo

Manuel is a troubled cop who is loyal to the force, but he’s not above breaking the law to keep the streets clean. He’s made so many mistakes he feels he is beyond redemption, but when he meets Anna, he thinks he has found a way to help the force and his city, while earning a promotion and making a boatload of money. But will he succeed when he discovers that he that those he trusted have betrayed him and everything he holds dear? Now, everyone who once knew him is out to make him pay.


In an underground cave, a powerful princess learns to control people’s minds and intends to rule in her father’s place. But when the High Council refuses to crown her, she must do whatever it takes to prevent an attacking enemy army because her brothers are to weak to take steps needed to secure the safety of her people.

This is Anna’s story. Myth. Fairytale. Villain. Who needs a hero?


This is where I’ll be posting things for you about Lucien. He is our villain in and big bad against Art. But for now, in the backstory, he starts off as a naive young man who becomes the Dragon Prince before the curse destroys him in this Tragedy. Here is the mini-story version I came up with for ESL students.

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Random Word Generators for Writing Prompts


I’ve been working on expanding ideas for my new series of stories. The main idea for book 1 is pretty much complete, but I wanted to know where we could go with it after the first part.

So, I brainstormed up several premises in John Truby’s BlockBuster software. Then I jumped over to StoryWeaver to play around with the ideas. I like asking ‘What If…’ questions and doing random word generated free writings.

If you’re like me, you may realize that your brain tends to come up with the same ‘random’ words when you get to a random word generator exercise. I decided it would be good to get some help from some random word generators online.  I found a few and tested them out.

Random Word Exercise Generates 8 Words

‘Take Three Nouns’ Writing Prompt 

Short Story Ideas to Inspire You

Grab Bag Writing Prompts 

Creative Random Words (Up To 8)

Then when I went back to write my original premise paragraph, several new ideas popped up from the exercise. I loved the ideas generated from this creative writing exercise.

So, I’m some of the random word generators for creative writing prompts that I found to share with you, and also for my own future reference.


The Owls of Northworld [ESL Mini-Story]

The Owls Of Northworld [Kindle Cover] There was a man. His name was Frodi. He was a Viking chief. One night, he found 4 of his friends dead in the forest. He thought the elf witch had killed them. He looked for her. He found her. But she was dying. She told him that the Snow Mage was back.

The Snow Mage wanted to transform the people into snow zombies. He wanted to create a great army of snow zombies. He kidnapped Frodi’s son and took him to a cave. His son’s name was Stryker. Stryker was only 7 years old.

Frodi was very upset. His wife was very upset. He followed the tracks to the cave. He found with the Snow Mage preparing to transform his son. Frodi was very upset. He attacked the Snow Mage. Frodi had to fight very hard. He killed the Snow Mage and took Stryker home.

Frodi and his wife were very happy because Stryker was home. However, Stryker started turning white. The people of the village wanted to kill Stryker before he transformed into a snow zombie. Stryker went back to the cave with his friend Jornen. They wanted to burn everything in the cave.

Four snow owls attacked Frodi. Frodi fought very hard. He almost died. He could not kill the snow owls. So, he opened a time portal and sent the owls into the future. He finished burning everything in the cave. When he arrived home, Stryker was healed.

Read the full story of The Owls of Northwood


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